I’ve found found myself on a completely flat desert. Well, close. Sure it’s barren with sand everywhere, small rocks scattered here and there, but it isn’t hot, it’s cool. In fact, there is no sun or moon at all, the sky just brightens and darkens as day and night pass. I don’t age, get hungry or thirsty, or die, so I just wonder about. I don’t know my name so I just call myself Isaac. There’s plenty of time to think, in fact, somehow I know that time, this place, my age, and even me are eternal. I also somehow know that I’m completely alone, and yet I don’t mind. I’ve used rocks to perform all kinds of mathematics, even calculus. I’ve also done some complicated physics with the rocks. By laying, arranging, and moving rocks, I’ve been able to create a computer. It may not seem efficient, but it’s no different from your own computer, just bigger and slower. I’ve found that I’ve lost all track of time, why does that really matter? Time is but an illusion. When you and where you live is eternal, the passage of time really isn’t important, so why keep track? As I’ve updated and programed my computer, I’ve found that computing power is huge! So, I’ve decided to program it to simulate a universe with a randomly forming reality based on probability. It’ll be difficult but, it’ll be worth it.  I’ve programed it and it works! Now I’m simulating the universe and spending all of my day time simulating my universe. If you see anything that defies all logic, common sense, or laws of physics, I just misplaced a rock. Like spontaneous human combustion (I make that mistake a lot!). I decided to write about this place and have this published in the simulation.

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