I vaguely remember what happened before I woke. I remember going through countless testchambers, I remember developing my cognitive abilities to the extremes, and I remember becoming more intelligent and creative every few 100 testchambers. When I woke up, I found myself in a spherical body with a blinding, white, glowing, optic I saw out of. I was plugged into a sort of railing that I could move along. I saw another ball, an almost identical one to me, except his optic was blue, and not nearly as bright as mine. He said, (with a british accent for some reason) “Hello!”. I asked him, “Who are you?”, “My name is Wheatley, I’m a core for Aperture Science,” he said. “What’s a core?” I asked, “A core is a sentient computational device that helps run this science facility,” he said. “So why am I here?” I asked, “You are a core that has been worked on and developed for, like, I don’t know, uh, well, just a really long time, okay. You have been created to be an unfathomably intelligent and creative core to lead us all,” said Wheatley. “Really,” I asked, thinking that the testchambers must have had something to do with the development, “Yes” Wheatley said. He asked “So, can you give me a name for you, all cores in Aperture must have a name,” “Well,” I said, noticing that I was much whiter and smoother than Wheatley, “My name is Cueball”. “Cueball, huh, good name,” said Wheatley “Come on, I’ll show you around the place,”.

One thought on “Cueball

  1. This is some “Portal” fan fiction that I’m continuing. The sequels to this part may contain spoilers on Portal, so if you haven’t played both games, do so before reading the stories.


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