The Time Falcon

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t upload yesterday, I had technical difficulties. What this is is less of a story, and more of a description of a fictional creature that I’m using later, enjoy!


The Time Falcon

The Time Falcon is the most powerful, the most intelligent, the most deadly complex form of life on earth. Its most unique ability (The one that earned it’s name,) is the ability to slow down its internal clock and use very little energy while flying gently on autopilot, making time speed past for the falcon. This gives it advantages such as withstanding extreme environments. For instance, a century long winter could pass as just a brief chill. Also, if prey fights back and can’t be beat, a time falcon can lock onto prey and use their time lapse ability to weaken the prey with age and kill it. Then, after it’s meal, it uses it’s time lapse ability to go millennia without any more food. Of course, it’s rare that a time falcon will even have to weaken its prey. Along with this ability, a time falcon will not die unless it is killed or it starves. It also possesses extreme speed and agility, superb eyesight, super fast reflexes, very sharp talons, a photographic/eidetic memory,  genius level intellect, and and an extremely fast processing ability. With these abilities, it is virtually impossible to beat. If you try to trap it, it will quickly escape somehow. If you try to fight it, it’ll outsmart you. Even if you start winning against it, it’ll quickly learn, copy, and predict your fighting style, and just as quickly ,devise a fighting style to easily beat yours. It preys on fish, bears, kangaroos, humans, and any other creature it can find. If you want to kill one, you only have one shot. If you miss it, it’ll notice you. And if it notices you, you’re dead. All in all, the Time Falcon is the most perfect and deadly predator on this planet.

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