I’m alive

Hey guys, I had a busy day at work, so I couldn’t sneak an update of the blog while I was at work. I didn’t get home until the people φ sent me were already there. When I came home, they came out and attacked me. There were three of them, one big guy, and two medium sized guys. The big guy grabbed me after some help from the other two guys. Then one of the other people took out a syringe with what I think was some kind tranquilizer.  I am pretty good at self defense though, so I managed to break free before he could get the stuff into my neck. I immediately went to my car and pulled out with them behind me. I don’t know if they got into some car of their own or if they chased me some other way, or if they pursued at all. After that I floored it, right out of Arville, out of that valley, and as far away across the desert as possible. I stopped at a motel at around 2:00 am and crashed into a bed immediately. I only have my laptop, my car, and access to my bank account. I don’t know who those people were, what they had in store for me, who this φ guy is, or what he wants with me. I do know one thing though, I can never go back to my hometown. They’re after me now, and I have to keep running. I’m leaving this motel, filling up, and running as soon as I upload this post. Bye for now,


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