Stranger Things Season Two Analysis Part 1

Hey guys, this is Carter Jackson here, the author of the blog. Now, I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi, and horror, and Netflix’s Stranger Things is a masterful combination of both in my humble opinion. It has caused me lots of inspiration, and I’ve been constantly re-watching the series while waiting for them to release season two, and I have loved it every time. Now, as you know if you watched the Superbowl ads this weekend, Netflix released two teasers/trailers for season two. Now, as I wait for Halloween for them to release it, I’m going to be analyzing each and making predictions on what Season two will hold. This post, I’ll be analyzing the trailer below:

How will this work? For each phrase that pops up in the video, I’ll write my interpretation. Now, if you hate spoilers as much as I do and haven’t quite finished the series yet, or haven’t watched it, SPOILER ALERT. Finish Stranger Things first, or watch it. I promise you that you’ll like it, unless you don’t know genius when you see it (don’t be offended, I just really like it). If you don’t know the premise, but don’t want to watch it, than go look it up yourself. You know what everything is now? Good. Now without further adieu, let’s get this started.

Madmax: I’m very unsure about this, but it may either refer to Hopper, an agent of the lab, or another monster name from the boys.

The Boy Who Came Back To Life: Now, this is obviously a reference to will Byers, as his death was faked during his disappearance, and if you obsessively re-watch the series like me and/or have my eye for details and memory, you’ll know that during the scene at the conclusion of season one, there’s a scene where it shows Jim Hopper at the station where there’s a little Christmas party. Before the camera pans to Hopper though, it zooms out from a a bulletin board with newspaper clippings about the series, the headline of one being: The Boy Who Came Back To Life.

The Pumpkin Patch: This is a simple one, as in the other trailer, (Yes, I’m cross referencing here) it shows Mike and the gang dressed in Ghostbusters costumes, and considering that the release date is on Halloween, I think that this phrase refers to the fact that the date is Halloween in-story.

The Palace: I think this has two possible meanings. One possibility is that this is referring to “Castle Byers”, Will’s little hideout in the woods behind their house, which was notably the place on the Upside-Down where the Demogorgon caught him. The more likely in my opinion though, is that the palace is the government lab in Hawkins where A, 011 was raised, B, the gate to the Upside-Down was opened, and C, where the agents that tried to kill the cast came from.

The Storm: This was a tougher one, but in the trailer (Yes, another cross-reference) there is a brief shot of some stormclouds, with red lightning flashing.

The Pollywog: I was unsure about the meaning of this at first, but after researching the word “Pollywog” I found that it’s a synonym for “Tadpole”. This could either mean the slug thing that Will coughed up at the end, or more likely, that some kind of larval form of the Demogorgon was planted into Will in the Upside-Down, and is slowly consuming Will from the inside-out(Hahaha, Upside-Down and Inside-Out).

The Secret Cabin: I think this could either refer to Castle Byers, or to the Byers house.

The Brain: In the previously mentioned part of the trailer where we see what may be the storm, the flashes illuminate some big, spiderlike creature. As well, just before that, you get a glipse at some pictures of it scrawled in what looks like Will’s drawing style. I don’t know what it is, but by the name, it may be some kind of hive queen, or intelligence.

The Lost Brother: I think this may be foreshadowing Will’s fate, as he may not be saved, and he may be eaten by The Pollywog and lost forever.

I’ll analyze the trailer next week.

Till then

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