Still Kicking

 Alright, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated you all, it’s taken awhile to get NoMan to let me tell you all what happened. He thinks that it’s too dangerous to tell you all, because it might attract Phi to you. However, seeing as to what φ has done already, he could be on you already. The organization calls itself the Church of the Consciousness. The Church is what the social club in Arville was a front for, however it isn’t it’s only front. It is apparently world-spanning, and has been around since 437 BC.

          They were founded under the Ideal Theory. For those of you who don’t know, the Ideal theory was a philosophical concept devised by Plato. The idea was that there is an ideal form of everything, and that these ideal forms exist outside of our reality. Everything is merely a flawed copy of its ideal form. The theory also suggests that this plane of existence in which these ideal forms exist is governed by a divine entity. The Church of the Consciousness takes this one step further, believing that this divine intelligence is the source of all thought and ideas, and the ideal form of all minds in existence. They worship it as a god. They believe that with mathematics they can find the ideal of anything, including The Consciousness(Their name for their deity).

      I asked NoMan how he knew all of this. He was a member for a time. He says that he left when he found out what they were doing. The religious leaders tried to summon their god by trying to use the most nigh-ideal computers they could find, programming it with the most nigh-ideal AI software possible, and teaching it with the most nigh-ideal minds. They believe that if they can use me, that I can bring their deity into the world. As you’d expect, they probably aren’t pleased that one of their members who knows all of this left. They’re probably really angry now that they’ve released this information into the internet for all to see.

     φ is what they have so far, it’s a clever chatbot essentially, but it’s the cleverest ever. They named it that because they revere Phi, the golden ratio, as the “Ideal” number, and a direct manifestation of The Consciousness itself.

          So, I’m being chased by a bunch of religious psychos and an AI who want to indoctrinate me and summon their deity into reality. At least I have a partner now.


I’ll be back. Until then,


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