The Verfault Man Part I

          Deep in the woods, on a black, cold night, something sinister lurks. A haggard, wizened man in a tattered, torn, dirty cloak walks among the trees on his bare feet. Its body is moulded, filthy, and rotten, covered in maggots, and aged beyond mortality. Surrounding it is a horrendous, miasmic odor of death and age, rot and decay, filth and contagion. As it walks, his presence attracts rats, mice, roaches, centipedes, and a host of other vermin. The closer ones climb onto its putrid, wrinkled body, but most follow and tread in its footsteps, a foul, flowing river of pestilence. The soil and debris cankers beneath its feet, leaving numerous prints on the ground from its aging, tainting touch.

        As it treads forward, it senses its prey. Close by, it gazes upon a coyote. It licks its lips with a long, thin, lithe, pointed tongue. It walks slowly forward, and the coyote picks up its odor and turn around to face him, before fleeing in terror. The man stretches out its hand, and the vermin and pests surrounding him run forward and swarm on the coyote. With the collective strength imbued in them by the man’s control, the pests restrain the coyote and twists its legs outwards with a sickening crack, before turning it onto its backs, helpless to escape. The man strides forward to the coyote as its whimpers in terror, before leaning down and putting its face into the helpless coyote’s. It exhales, and the foul odor that surrounds him is amplified thousandfold from his breath. The coyote immediately dies as it inhales the breath, and its head decomposes rapidly until its head looks like it has been dead and decaying for a week on end. The pests, drawing strength from the will of their master, lifts the coyote to the man’s face. Its jaw starts to unhinge and stretch wider than humanly possible, making many stomach-turning cracking and tearing sounds, as it consumes the cadaver in one bite.

         As its jaw returns to normal and it finished its meal, it walks forwards and sees the abrupt edge of the forest in front of him. It peers out and gazes at rows upon rows of various plants, along with a couple of buildings that have obviously been built by the kin that resemble him so well. It smiles, and licks its lips with that long tongue once again. This would be perfect.


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