The Verfault Man Part II

              “Beep Beep Beep!” went the alarm clock. Farmer Alex Williams shut off the alarm clock and rose already dressed. He bounced down the stairs with an energetic smile on his face and started cooking himself some quick toast and coffee to get him started for the morning routine. As he waited for toast to pop out of the toaster, he looked out at the fields to gaze at the sunrise, and his smile immediately disappeared. In its place, there was a mix of shock, confusion, and irritation. In the corn field in front of him was a grey, wavy line across the crops. Forgetting breakfast, he ran outside and investigated the line. In the line, there were was a small group of crops that had wilted and died, and were surrounded by flies. They looked like they had been rotting for a week. He examined the crops that weren’t rotten, and they were perfectly healthy. They didn’t seem to have been affected by whatever caused this at all.

         He noticed that the crops that were affected were slightly parted, as though someone had walked through them. He looked down and saw footprints, but they weren’t like normal human prints. The ground within the prints was blacker than usual, but it felt completely dry, and looked like it even had cracks all over it. He looked to his left, and it looked like this path of wilt had come from the woods nearby. He looked the other way, and the footprints and path seemed to lead to the barn. He followed along the path, hoping to find whatever it was that had done this to his crop.

          When he entered the barn, he was horrified at what he saw. All of the animals inside the barn were dead, their putrid carcasses looking like they had been dead for a very long time. The hay and straw inside the barn were dry and rotting as well. As well, he saw more vermin and insects than he’d ever seen in one place before. Rats, cockroaches, spiders, mice, flies, and termites littered the whole barn, but they scattered at the appearance of the intruder in the barn. As well as footprints of decay on the ground, he saw what looked like large handprints of rotten wood in the barn. These weren’t ordinary hands though, they were too narrow, too thin, and the fingers were just too long for those of a human. However, what he saw on the back wall of the barn topped all of these.

      On the back of the barn was a large hole in the rough shape of a human in the wall. No, not human, human-like maybe, but not human. It was just too tall, and what looked like the arms  and legs were just too long. The wood around the hole was decaying and crumbling too, and moist. The wood smelled terrible, like the dirtiest creature in the world had been dead for weeks, and full of pests and disease. He looked through the large hole to the outside, and there were bits of even more decayed, even worse smelling, wood strewn around. The line of dead crops continued off his property and into a neighboring farm, before appearing to go into the woods. He walked back to his own house for the phone. The neighboring farmer needed to see this.

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