Mr Popanz

Little Molly was sweet, and innocent too

But she should never have done what you’ll see her do

Though she didn’t know, the lesson still stands,

she should never have gone with Mr Popanz


Late evening it was, when Popanz came along

Her mother was weak, yet her father was strong

Molly ran from the conflict, from her father’s hands,

but could not escape the grasp of Mr Popanz


She ran down the road, alone and afraid

When she tired and stopped, she panted and said

“Help me I’m lost, I don’t know where I am!”

Then who would appear but Mr Popanz


Tall he was, and thin as twig.

He was garbed in a suit, plum colored and big.

His skin was pale, and with his long, bony hands

He stroked Molly’s hair, that man Mr. Popanz


His eyes were a deep, and yet still bright blue

When he blinked though, they were another candy like hue

Red, blue, green, colors from all lands

Could appear on the eyes of Mr Popanz


Said he “Little Girl, maybe I could help.”

When he bent down to Molly, you may think she’d have yelped

But she was calm, and shook his hand.

Shook hands she did with Mr Popanz


From his pocket, old Popanz produced

An apple, sweet and full of juice

He held it out to her, and from his hands

Molly took the apple from Mr Popanz


“Thank you sir, can you help me” Molly asked, glad to not be alone

“I’ve lost my way and can’t find my way home.”

“I’ll help you” said he, “Come with me and I’ll do what I can

To find your way home” said Mr Popanz


He stretched out his hand for Molly to take.

Molly took it, a grave, grave mistake.

He kept his promise, but there were still demands

That Molly would soon get from Mr Popanz


As Molly ran back to her parents she cried,

She was so glad that Popanz hadn’t lied

But only days later, would return in the sands

Of the sandbox in her yard but Mr Popanz


“A pleasure Molly, to see you again.

If you don’t mind my asking, how have you been?

I’d love to know you’re happy, and have no demands.

No demands, none for Mr Popanz!”


“Thank you so much for guiding me back here mister.” She replied

“But there’s a problem you can’t help me with” she said, and almost cried.

“Please tell me what ails you!” Popanz cried, feigning shock “I’ll understand!”

“Please tell of your troubles to Mr Popanz!”


“Well.” Molly started “Papa yells at Mama and hits her too.

I wish it would end, that they’d get along, and Papa would be good.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, but I think there’s something I can”

And here, she should not have listened to Mr Popanz


“What can you do sir?” she asked him curiously

“I can take you to my home!” He said seriously

“Come with me, your parents will


Come with me! Take the hand of Mr Popanz!”


“I don’t know if I can sir.” Molly said

“I can’t really leave my Mama and Papa behind.” she said bowing her head.

“Nonsense! I’m sure they’ll understand!

If they loved you, they’d be out here!” Said Mr Popanz


“Come with me, and your guardian will never bicker!

Come with me, and your diet will get even thicker!

You’ll never be lonely, for there are others on my land.

Other children who’ve come with me, Mr Popanz!”


Hesitant, Molly eventually agreed.

“I’ll come with you, if that’s what we need.”

Her mistake was great, as she took his hand

Took the hand, she did, of Mr Popanz


Then he grinned, a grin a bit too wide for his face.

And the point of his teeth was rather out of place

He stood up tall and said as they ran

“Come along with me, come with Mr Popanz!”


“Where did Molly go?” everyone worried

The whole town looked, they searched, they hurried

But no one found Molly, as some understand

Because she went with Mr Popanz


Her parents grieved, her father wept

Her mother soon departed, found with just a note left

Private sleuths are still searching, as her family commands

But they’ll never find Molly and Mr Popanz



Little Molly was sweet, and innocent too

But she should never have done what you’ve seen her do

Though she didn’t know, the lesson still stands,

she should never have gone with Mr Popanz


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