Bad Ideas II

51. Say “Bloody Mary” three times

52. Say “Betelgeuse” three times

53. Say “Carter Jackson” three times

54. Say “The NSA”, “Big Brother”, “The FBI”, or “Thought Police” three times

55. Say “My ex” three times

56. Say the name of your mother/father in law three times

57. Not say “The pizza guy” three times

58. Enter the Wonka Factory (Seriously, that place is a deathtrap)

59. Sing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” at your mother’s funeral (Don’t even think about replacing the Ws with Bs)

60. Pour baby powder into an AC unit

61. Set the thermostat to absolute zero

62. Eat an apple a day when you have cancer

63. Feed the doctor an apple

64. Give the teacher a stethoscope

65. Go into battle wearing a sword

66. Go into battle wielding a suit of armor

67. Feature Sherlock Holmes in an episode of Scooby Doo

68. Anything that involves the phrase “REALLY REALLY BIG BOMBS!”

69. Dress as the twin towers for Halloween anything

70. Dress as Jar Jar Binks for Comicon

71. Bring a knife to a gunfight

72. Break into what’s left of the Chernobyl reactor and look at the Elephant’s Foot (No, the radiation won’t give you superpowers.)

73. Let a spider bite you (That won’t give you superpowers either)

74. Pump yourself full of serum (That probably isn’t going to give you superpowers. [Don’t do drugs kids.])

75. Try to give yourself superpowers in any other way.

76. Pull someone’s hair when you first see them to make sure they aren’t wearing a wig.

77. Anything involving you reading anything on this list and the phrase “Challenge Accepted”.

78. Take a bath in stomach acid

79. Kiss a cactus

80. Tie a piece of toast onto the back of a cat butter-side up, and toss said cat off the Empire State building.

81. Do your business from the top of the Empire State building

82. “High dive” off the top of the Empire State building

83. Steal a fleet of bomber planes just so that you can dump bouncy balls on cities.

84. Steal a fleet of bomber planes just so that you can “make it rain” on a whole city (This is not only dangerous, but also a big waste of a lot of cash.)

85. Play a game of real life space invaders with skydivers

86. Challenge Ron Swanson to an eating contest

87. Challenge Sherlock Holmes to a game of Clue

88. Challenge David Copperfield to a magic duel

89. Challenge Chuck Norris to a fight anything involving any kind of weapon anything at all

90. Challenge a banshee to a shouting match

91. Yell “IT’S ALIIIIIIVVVVEEE!!!!!” when someone wakes up from a nap

92. Read any book that’s title is a large amount of different shades of the same color

93. Anything that involves the phrase “Giant Monster”

94. Anything involving mentos, coke, and dark magic

95. Communism

96. Fascism

97. Totalitarianism

98. Dictatorship

99. Surrender your rights to the government

100. The Patriot Act

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