Once upon a time…

      There was a little girl named Flaventia. She was a wonderful little girl, intelligent and pretty, known all throughout the kingdom for her beautiful, silky, golden locks. She lived with her mother and father in a quaint house just within the borders of the kingdom. She loved to walk in the forest on the outskirts of the kingdom, even though the beasts lived outside the kingdom. The beasts were unruly, insubordinate to the citizens, and often dangerous. However, she knew how to escape them, and the woodsmen of the forest were always watching citizens who went into the woods to protect them from danger.

         One day, Flaventia was merrily strolling through the woods, when she saw something she hadn’t before. There was a nearby path, a grassy, but still trodden one that led off of the main path. Curious, and adventurous, she started to walk off the path, thinking she would only have a quick look and be home for supper. She heard a noise, but she turned around, releived that it was only a woodsman. It was there to protect her, and it didn’t scare her, as she had gotten used to its appearance a long time before. She was awfully hungry. She strode down the path, and the forest around her was getting thicker. The grass longer and thicker, the bushes bigger, and the trees seemed to get taller, and their branches longer, thicker, and leafier. The woods were darker because of this, but Flaventia didn’t mind. She found it rather exciting, but she decided to turn back, as she was hungry. However, she smelled something delicious, something that made her stop in her tracks.

           Flaventia followed the pleasing aroma of oats and sugar, and came upon a small cottage. It was small, but with a second story. It was shabby, as though it had been around for a long time, and the scratches on the outside looked just like one would’ve expected from a house built by clawed animals. She thought they wouldn’t mind if she had some of the delicious food in there. She opened the door and walked into the house, and saw the source of the odor. It was three bowls of porridge, and it looked delicious. She put her finger in the biggest bowl and tasted the porridge. “This is too hot!” she exclaimed. Put her finger in the smaller bowl and tasted its contents. “This is too cold!” she yelled, picking up the bowl and smashing it on the floor in disgust. Finally, she tasted the contents of the smallest bowl. It was perfect! She picked up the bowl and poured it all down her throat greedily.

       Flaventia wasn’t satisfied, but she decided she’d wait for the largest bowl to cool. She decided to sit and rest her legs. She walked into the next room and saw three chairs. One was large, and she tried that one first. It was too hard. She tried the smaller chair, and it was too uncomfortably soft. She went to the smallest chair, and it was just right. She sat down, but realized it was too small. The chair broke beneath her, and she got up, annoyed. “Just like the beasts to be so terrible at crafting.” she said.

           Tired, Flaventia decided to go to the upstairs and take a nap while she waited. She found a room with three different-sized beds. She got into the biggest one, and found that it was too hard. She got up and bounced on top of it, to teach whatever animal made it a lesson. She went to the smaller one, and realized that it was too soft. She hated it, so she tore off the sheets, took off her shoes, and rubbed as much mud off of their soles onto the mattress she could. Served the beasts right for not making something becoming for a citizen of the Kingdom. She then tried the third bed, and found that it was just right. At least the beasts had made something comfortable.  She fell asleep, and awoke to the sounds of three beasts from below.

       “Someone’s eaten my porridge!” she heard a little voice say. From closer to the stairs, she heard the same voice say “Someone’s broken my chair!”. Then she heard heavy footsteps on the stairs, and three bears walked in. One was large, the other was smaller, but still large, and the third was just smaller than Flaventia. “Someone’s ruined our beds!” they all cried. She got out of her bed and walked to them, and said immediately,

          “Animals! Fetch me my porridge, and it had better be cool by now!” The largest bear started towards her, but the mother held him back.

            “Let me go dear! If she thinks we’re going to just give her what she wants, then she needs to be-” Then, he was immediately cut off by the cracking sound of ax-upon-wood. A woodsman keeping watch on Flaventia had chopped the house, a warning to the bears. Flaventia smiled, glad to the woodsmen for reminding the lowly animals of their place. “Never mind, of course you can have our porridge.” the biggest one said fearfully. Then, they politely fed her a delicious porridge feast, and even allowed her to take a basket of their valuable spices home. Overjoyed, Flaventia skipped home from the house as the bears behind her said “Come back any time!” with fear in their voices. She skipped home, and told her family all about it, and they congratulated her for showing three beasts their place in the kingdom.

The End

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