The Holiday Horror: The Soulcracker

       In the dark and the cold of the night, a new creation of the red-coated vagrant awakens. Just released from its burlap container, it starts to move. It moves its wooden arms, and strokes its white beard. It chomps with its mouth appearing only to crack nuts, and admires its red paint illusion of clothing, as it always does when it can. Finally, it decides to set to work…


        One night, when Mary was lieing in bed, her parents on the floor next to her, she thought about her sister. She hoped they would find her one-year-younger sister Susie. While she lied there she thought she heard something coming from the window. She got up to investigate, for, as you can imagine, a young child like her has no sense of danger. She thought she saw something in the ajar front door, but there was something there she didn’t expect. It was a beautiful nutcracker doll. Its red coat and paint looked new, and its beard was a perfect white. Silently, she closed the door and took the nutcracker. She would name it tomorrow…

             “What’s that, sweetie?” Mary’s mom asked her daughter as she saw her daughter’s new nutcracker.

      “It’s a nutcracker.” Mary responded.

          “Where did you get it, dear?”

    “I found it on the schoolyard.” Mary quickly lied as the idea came to her head. Her mother was about to say something, but decided against it. Mary’s sister was missing, a little bit of comfort from a frankly beautiful toy she’d found couldn’t hurt anything. Or so she thought…


               That night, the wooden imp awakens. It quickly begins to search. It’s always easy to find where they keep their toys and dolls. The job could technically be done, but he can never resist doing his work with his victim’s own playthings. The irony of manipulating a child’s body with its own toys never ceases to amuse it. It quickly finds the toy chest and does the deed. It extends itself into the toys and dolls. Into them it deposits its life, and the toys begin to move.      

          They begin to flex, to move when the laws that govern nature that we know dictate they shouldn’t. They move of their own accord, extensions of the entity that inhabits the nutcracker. Together, the nutcracker, now also the dolls in the girl’s toy chest, make their way, or makes its way rather, into the child’s bedroom. Silently, it, or they, take hold of her arms and legs, and start to move forward. It silently carries her away, inserting what little of itself it can into her to keep her unconcious. With this little part of itself it can keep inside of her occupied body, it uses her hand to open the door. It, or they, carry her to its creator.

    As it arrives, its creator grins maliciously. The Nutcracker departs to find another child, leaving behind the other toys, which the man in the red coat takes and puts in his sack. He would give these to other children, improved, as his gifts to the town. He goes to the girl, ready to begin his work on her…

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