2017: Looking Back Upon the Old Year

2017 was, for me at least, a good year. I had many fun experiences and vacations, I met all of the resolutions for 2017 I remember making, and I grew quite a bit academically. This year was also notable in that this was the first year when I was officially a teenager, and I would say that I very much enjoyed it, aside from the real life body horror that every teenager goes through and the psychological changes that stupid hormones induce (puberty amiright?).

I would say that I grew socially, which is pretty good for me, considering that I’m still really introverted despite having quite a few friends now. It’s nice to know that I’ve learned how to function around others over the last few years, and grown even more familiar with others.

2017 was also a great year where my writing skills improved, as well as the writers for the new Star Wars movies. This year the Star Wars movie didn’t blatantly copy the plot of A New Hope, or was just pretty boring with only one entertaining character like Rogue One. This year’s Star Wars movie was definitely better than the last two, and I have hopes for the next movie next year.

I’m not saying it was a perfect year, what with lots of political scandal and the news turning into a People magazine at times with the celebrity gossip it has been trying to get me to read, but overall, this year was great.

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