My Unedited Brain: Mr Betruger’s Origin Story.

This is the first work I have produced in a series called My Unedited Brain, where I write through automatism. That is, creating art on the spot with no plan or self-censorship. This is the completely raw version of what my brain came up with without interruption, enjoy!

       What is the most powerful being you can imagine? Go ahead, think. Now imagine me having this power, and forget it, because it’s nowhere close to me. I can do more to you than your puny psyche could ever absorb. Who am I? I am Mr Betruger. Do you want to hear my story? I wasn’t always this powerful, beyond even omnipotence. I began walking by The Raiment when I saw a milk carton. The milk carton yelled in a screechy voice, “I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL MILK CARTON. I AM UDDERLY UNSTOPPABLE!”. Then I drank the milk carton and ate its milk, and now it’s in my blood and allows my to use my power for anything. THE SIDE EFFECT IS THAT I CAN’T STOP SHOUTING.

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