Fear Sam, who is many working as one

Hate Sam, who deceives, bribes, steals, and cheats

Dread Sam, who controls all

Down with Sam, for his power is too great


Sam turns thinkers into sheep, and workers to slugs

He censors, lies, and brainwashes us

He pacifies us with gifts

He builds centers to bend us to his will


The centers offer more gifts with stolen funds

Stolen from workers to breed slackers

Bugs, dependent on Sam

To survive and operate, they need Sam


Beware Sam, never fall for his deception

He promises freedom, but chains us

He sins, and claims justice

He claims to guard you, yet for him you fight


Sam must die, his evil destroyed forever

We must kill him, and end his foul reign

Let Sam die, and let no one take his place

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