Oh, Concordiaville,

Welcome to our old town,

Welcome to our peaceful,

Humble, wonderful, fine, town

This town, where we’re all whole

Sweet Concordiaville,

Come along, see our wonder

Of a darling, sweet, place,

We’re happy, living under

The Mayor of this space

Oh, Concordiaville

Where we’re all just the same,

None before another

For the town is our aim

Child, Father, Mother

Great Concordiaville,

Come here, move here, live here

We love here, so will you

You want to move in, live near

You really do, don’t you?

Here, Concordiaville,

There are just a few rules,

Some conditions to live,

Follow them, don’t be a fool,

And we have much to give

In Concordiaville,

Smile, be happy here,

Don’t show displeasure, none

There’s never problems here,

So smile, you’ve begun!

In Concordiaville,

Drink lots of Venenum,

It’s good for heart and soul

Sweet and tasty, go drink ‘em,

Fuel for one of the whole,

In Concordiaville,

Do, think what you’re told,

You don’t need to believe,

You needn’t think, young or old,

Think the thoughts you receive

Come, Concordiaville,

We’re glad you’ve come, moved here,

We’re glad you’re one of us

Grin, drink, think what we think here,

One with the town, and us

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