Bag Spill Curse


  • A stick of butter
  • Ten fingers from a fish
  • The gizzard of an eel
  • The eyes of a potato
  • The a raven’s caw
  • The dark of a moonless night
  • A cruel laugh
  • The irritation of a would-be witch at their inability to collect these ingredients


The Recipe:

Take a large rusted cauldron and fill it right to the brim with murky water. Add the ingredients one by one, stirring once clockwise and once counterclockwise after adding each one. Recite the incantation in a loud, clear voice.

Cackledy cock and cockledy cack

A want a sandwich, shower and snack

May this inane rhyme,

Cause, in time

All bags they hold to break and contents spill,

Forevermore, or until it stops at my will


By Mary Bugstinker

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