Feen-Chapter 1: The Blacklings

    There is a place of which you’ve never heard, and you’ll never find. A place deep in woods, full of magic and mystery. Beneath the branches of the great trees, anything can happen…


       In the safety of shadows, in the cover of night, they came. Little figures, two pumpkins tall, crept among the trees, silently approaching the cottage. This tiny little house, nestled amidst some bushes, sat unlit, the people within all fast asleep. It was perfect for them. Their obsidian horns gleamed in the moonlight as they reached the house, and one of them walked to each window. Each of these figures jumped up and peered in through the window while in the air. When they returned to the ground, one of them held up one of its three fingers with its hand.

       The figures crept to the window, they jumped and peered in as well. A small boy, no older than twelve, slept in his bed. Seeing him for themselves too, most of them jumped up and down with excitement, while a few others stacked on top of each other. This stack reached the top of the roof, and as soon as it was complete, the other little men climbed up this stack and immediately made their way to the chimney, and jumped in one after another.

         They climbed into the room with the boy in it. As he slept, they gathered around the bed, and slowly eased him out, until they all carried him at once. Two of them stacked on top of each other and opened the cottage door, and they ran away from the cottage, having gotten what they had came for.

    The next morning, the sun rose over the trees, and in this golden-red radiance of dawn, the boy’s mother and father rose, only to be confronted with their boy’s empty bed. At once, they shouted throughout the house and out to the forest, but there came no reply. Meanwhile, the boy awoke, and to his horror, he was no longer in his bed, but in a den of Blacklings. He screamed for his mother and father, but they didn’t hear him.

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