Don’t Walk Out

Ladies and gentlemen of America, there is a national school walkout tomorrow to advocate for gun control. This should not occur. The gun in school shootings is merely a means to an end, an end which can also be achieved through bombs, cars, or blades. Instead of taking away the gun, we need to stop people from committing these acts of violence.

These people who shoot up schools were not born this way. They were innocent children once, but they weren’t treated well. They were abused, they were bullied, they had no friends or loving parents. They were alone, and when the world hated them, they started to reciprocate. They were made hateful enough to take children’s lives, and hopeless enough to take their own. These people were driven to commit such atrocities, and we should stop these from happening.

Don’t waste time advocating to deprive them of a weapon that they can replace. Instead of walking out, or encouraging your children to walk out, help the children in need. If you have kids, encourage them to befriend the kids who need friends, and give the children who are lonely or abused the help they need. If we do this. If we focused on the attackers, then there will be many more school shootings prevented than if we focused on the weapons they wielded.

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