Feen-Chapter 5: An Unsafe Haven

      The door swung open, and beyond the door was an old woman. She was clothed in a simple earthy robe, her silver hair hung down to her shoulders, and her slightly wrinkled face carried both a kindly warmth and a harsh intensity to it. She stared down into Calum’s large, green eyes and asked “Who are you?” in a firm, but not unfriendly voice.

       “Calum Carrington,” Calum replied, “I’m lost, could I stay with you until Father tracks me here.”. The woman smiled.

    “My house is always open to travelers.” she said. She opened the door and motioned for Calum to come in, so he did.



            Calum strolled through the Woods, a smile on his face, and a basket of berries in his hand. He was quite happy to be repaying the woman for letting him stay. He picked up the pace when he realized that the sun was almost completely set. A crow flew over his head, and he was filled with gratitude to that crow from before who had helped him. However, this joy was dispelled when the air chilled, and he heard it. Heavy, labored, raspy breathing.

    Calum dropped his berries and ran, and the man in the travelling cloak pursued.

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