Feen-Chapter 6: The Traveler’s Fall

Once upon a time in the Woods

There traveled a lone pilgrim

Garbed beneath his cloak and hood

He felt nothing could hurt him

He thought tonight typical

But as the sun descended

Needle spun in binnacle

And soon his life was ended

The Beasts came from everywhere,

Attacked him, with tooth and claw

He begged to someone out there

For a reprieve from his death

The man was dead, his bones left

Those, and his travelling cloak

But wander he did, bereft,

The Woods had played a cruel joke

His mind faded, denying

That there was no finding home

He’s wandering, undying

With thoughts that are not his own

Driven to travel, aimless

And quash any life it sees

His being far from painless

Yet still he walks through the trees

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