The Person who was Me

As I stand here before you,

Upon the solid stage,

I cannot help but wonder

What waits on the next page

I’ve come so far to get here

On this threshold in time

I think ahead, excited

And look before my prime

I’ve faced many a challenge

To get up to this point

Tis quite a miracle

That life not disappoint

For a time, I was hopeless

Thought this world bereft,

With predators and evil,

I thought no good was left

Who I deemed not as evil

I deemed vapid and dumb

And when I wasn’t angry

I was resigned and glum

I thought the worst of people

Judgemental as it was

Who wasn’t wolf was sheep

And none would change because

What terrible times those were

How despairing I was

But look where I have come now

Since I put life on pause

I worked my way from the pit

I rose from gloomy depths

Although I still face evils

And some are still inept

Though I still face wrongs daily

I do so full of hope

People change, wrongs become right

My new spirit helps cope

We all witness the worst things

But they needn’t be so

When we persist, remember

We’re unlikely heroes

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