Golden Gabor

Notice: This is not purely mine. This is a collaboration between me and a classmate who I will refer to, for the sake of anonymity, as J. Therefore, my rights to this are shared equally with J.

     The death of Eadrich’s elder brother Aapo was a tragedy indeed. Eadrich mourned with a solemnity that none could compare with, and even the great riches and vast home in Tikal had been a minor condolence, for his love for his brother could never be replaced by mere gold. At least, that’s what everyone thought. Eadrich may have put on a mask of sadness for the mourners, but he was happier than anyone knew. How dare his brother have been rich and successful instead of Eadrich? It mattered not now, for his envy was quenched and the insufferable brat that had been Aapo had drowned at the bottom of the lake he’d walked by at night, leaving a vast fortune behind.

However, Aapo hadn’t only left wealth behind. He left behind tomes of ancient knowledge and power. He left behind otherworldly secrets that could bring about many extraordinary things, both beneficial and malevolent. As Eadrich was eager to claim anything and everything of his brother’s, he hadn’t forgotten to bring his brother’s books with him, even if only to sate his curiosity.

As the servants brought his few belongings into his new home, six men came in carrying his most prized possession. They all wondered what Aapo could’ve possessed within that wooden box that was so heavy. However, they didn’t question their new master, and they didn’t feel the need to ask why Eadrich told them to leave him alone. As soon as the servants left, however, Eadrich commanded, “Emerge from the box, Gabor.” It was then that a creature in the shape of a man, made of gold stolen from Aapo and brought to life by one of Aapo’s stolen secrets, slowly withdrew himself from the box he had been hidden in.

Gabor was perfect for Eadrich’s needs. At nearly seven feet tall, he was sturdily built, yet still surprisingly lithe, ideal for stealing and retrieving numerous treasures. And that is exactly what Eadrich used him for. Even though Eadrich had already acquired more riches than he would ever need, his thirst for wealth could not be quenched. Day and night, he would send Gabor to do any task Eadrich thought could bring him more riches.

Gabor completed each and every task that was assigned to him, but only because he was forced to. Eadrich had given Gabor life, but Eadrich had also cursed Gabor. Using a dark ritual Eadrich found in one of Aapo’s tomes, Eadrich had bound Gabor to obey Eadrich’s every command. However, Gabor was still very different from Eadrich. Gabor knew that what he was doing was wrong, but helplessly bound by the commands, he could do nothing about it.

Gabor’s limited control did not deter him, however. Whenever he was given a command by Eadrich, Gabor would always mentally search his orders for any loopholes or vague instructions. Once, Eadrich said to Gabor, “Gabor, bring me gold from my neighbor.” Instead of stealing gold from Eadrich’s neighbor, he gave Eadrich his own gold from another of his neighbors whom he had already stolen from. However, Eadrich soon found out what Gabor did, and punished him by giving Gabor many unnecessary and laborious tasks. Thereafter, Gabor became more subtle in his disobedience, and developed a seething hatred for his master.

However, there came the day when Gabor could not take it anymore. There came a day when Eadrich was dearth of new wealth. His greed had grown and his sources of gold had shrunk. So, his impatience flaring, he gave a solemn, angry command to his golden slave.    

“Gabor!” he commanded, “I have grown impatient with your lack of output! Find the richest man in these lands, and slay him! I want you to then bring me every coin, every particle of spice and every drop of fine honey they possess!”

“As you wish,” Gabor then responded calmly.

    It was then that Eadrich realized his mistake. Before anything could escape his lips, Gabor quickly blocked its path from the throat as his hand closed around it. With the crunch of bone which soon followed, Gabor was soon nothing more than a grinning, contented statue of gold, the force from his creator keeping him alive now gone.

    Gabor was found, and became a staple of Eadrich’s tomb. That was not all though, for by the command of Eadrich himself earlier on, every bit of wealth or property he owned was taken to the tomb with him, and what couldn’t be moved into it, such as his house, was sold and the profits taken along with the spices, tobacco, and, of course, gold, to accompany Eadrich’s corpse


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