The Dame in White

All I felt was pain and the stretcher on which I lain

All I heard was the frantic nurses

And from my friends, mere panicked curses

And all I saw was the angelic dame that’d stood in the lane

Ah, I remember just before that fateful moment,

I was returning from the day’s grind

When I saw the woman from behind

I stopped not, but swerved aside, leaving me in pain and wonderment

I sank into a rest, to wake under cotton sheets

As my weighted eyelids heaved apart

I thought me alone, but with a start

I saw that maiden in white before me

I felt a chill run through the room, and grow colder still

Frost grew on the windows, and fog came

I thought just of that ivory dame

For her beauty outshined everything, though I saw her approach still

Her face was stern, wreathed by purest gleaming silver hair

She sat down, and grinned with blinding teeth

And I saw not the cruelty beneath

As she dug her hand into my heart, I stayed spellbound in her stare

She reached within me and took my soul out in her hands

I felt the icy chill of her skin

She left my body far behind her

A corpse, trashed by his motor car, was all that remained in this land

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