Cian O’Brien

    Cian O’Brien grinned at the specimen his men had gotten before him.

        “Good work men, take the rest of the day off.” His men nodded quietly and left to exploit their ‘employee discounts’ at one of O’Brien’s speakeasies or bordellos. Cian then turned to the young, curvaceous, wealthy beauty they’d gotten him. One could never have guessed that she was being held captive, as she was sleeping peacefully in that chair with not a scratch on her body or a rope around her. This didn’t last long, however, as Cian spoke the word “Avenn” and commanded, “Rise and shine, quiff!”.

    Immediately, the woman bolted upright letting out a yelp of shock and panic, her head swivelling about to take in her surroundings. Immediately, she got up and started to run. “Stop right there!”, Cian shouted to the woman, and, immediately, she came to a halt. “Walk over here.” he ordered, grinning as he saw the look of puzzled horror on his victim’s face. “Quiet now, don’t want to make too much of a ruckus.”, he said, just catching the scream he saw coming before it could escape the woman’s throat. The woman stopped in front of his desk, and Cian wondered what occupation she’d be best suited for.

         “D’ya have a name?”

      “Helen Evelyn Felton” the woman responded, struggling to move or say anything else.

  “Helen, that’s a nice name.” O’Brien responded. “You wouldn’t make a bad prostitute, if I do say so myself. You are quite the hotsy-totsy woman. However, I’ve heard about your family. Incredibly wealthy, influential eggs, correct?”

   “Yes.” Helen responded.

 “Father is some half-seas over politician and your mother some Dumb Dora your father married for money, correct?”

      “Actually, my mother is quite intelligent, and my father is a senator!” Helen spat, channeling all the anger and answer into the response forced from her throat.

    “I see.” O’Brien nodded “I’ve heard about you, too. You’ve been described as quite a flirtatious vamp, correct?”

  “Yes” Helen responded, having to admit this, even to herself.

       “Right, then.”, he said, a smile at his plans creeping onto his lips. “Go home to your parents. Tell them that you were out late because you found someone wonderful. Tell them that Cian O’Brien is taking you out to see a film in three days. Show them just how happy you are to have met such a good man. Do you understand?”

    “Yes” Helen said, her eyes wide and her body soaked in sweat.

“Don’t be scared, be glad that you’ll be marrying me in a few short years.” Cian responded, grinning as Helen brightened up significantly. “Before you go, though, butt me.” he ordered. Helen promptly reached for the box of cigarettes on Cian’s desk, and lit it up for him. With the cigarette in his mouth, he motioned with his hand, and Helen immediately did as Cian told her, going to flag down the nearest cab and return to her parents.

       “Despicable”, said a flapper in the corner, who most certainly hadn’t been there before. “Compelling a woman to court you and marry you just so that you can have her parents’ money and power, not to mention her body, for yourself. Profoundly selfish and evil, I say.” She walked over to the desk, revealing a body that’d make even the most gorgeous of women jealous, that her blinding white dress did little to hide. She smiled, “I’m glad you’re putting my gift to good use.”
     “It really is a fantastic gift.” Cian responded, not even trying to hide his arousal. “Why are you here?”

  “Well, I want you to do a little something for me.”

         “When Helen comes for your ‘date’ I want you to take her to the party at this address.” The woman handed Cian a card, upon which the address was written. “Can you do that for me?”

      “I don’t see how much choice I have.” Cian responded.

    The woman smiled, knowing the truth of this statement. “Do push ups.” she ordered.

 “Lucy, please don’t do this again.” Cian groaned, getting on the floor and doing push-ups despite his own desires. It was then that one of Cian’s men entered.

    “Boss, where is…?” the gangster went silent as he saw what was happening. “I’ll come back later.” he said, backing out and shutting the door.

         “You can stop doing push-ups.” Lucy said, as Cian scrambled to his feet.

 “I almost used the word on him.” Cian grumbled.

      “Lucky you didn’t do that.” Lucy said “You wouldn’t want to lose control of Helen just for the sake of making one person forget something embarrassing about you, would you.”

     “No, I would not.”



       Cian walked into the party, wondering why Lucy had wanted him here. He figured it didn’t really matter. He didn’t know the host of the party, but Lucy had assured him that the host wouldn’t mind. He strutted in wearing one of his fancy suits and a smug grin, while Helen came in beside him wearing a lovestruck smile and a slinky, black dress. Just because Cian had to go to this party with Helen, instead of spending some private time with her, didn’t mean he couldn’t dress her up, after all.

   As the two began to whoopee, the party turned out to be enjoyable indeed. It turned out that Helen was quite the dancer. The various foods were delicious, and they had the most excellent margaritas, of which Cian drank more than he should’ve. Cian was on his fifth margarita, teetering and tottering on unsteady feet, when Helen came back to Cian with some unwanted company.

     “Good evening, Cian. Could you please explain to me what my daughter is doing here when you were going to see a film?”, Dorothy Felton said, aggression in her voice as she held Helen by the hand.

  “There was nothing interesting playing, so we changed our minds.” Cian said after a couple of seconds.

        “Is this true?” Dorothy asked her daughter.

     “Every word”, Helen said.

 Dorothy pursed her lips “Then, when did you find the time to change into that?” she said, pointing at Helen’s dress.

           Helen fell silent, looking pleadingly at Cian while she struggled for an answer.

      “How about you, how do you explain this Cian?!” she shouted, gagging as though Cian’s name tasted revolting.

          Cian gritted his teeth, and the muscles in his face tightened as far as they could go. Summoning all the intoxicated annoyance and irritation he could muster, he spat back at Dorothy. “Avenn! Now go chase yourself and forget this happened!”

    Dorothy immediately turned around and ran from the party, her memory of the encounter already gone. Immediately after this, Helen blinked, and began shouting at the top of her lungs.

       “Help! Help me! He’s trying to kidnap me! Call the police!”
      The damage had been done. Everyone turned to look, and someone had already gone to dial the police. Cian opened his mouth to say the word again, only to receive one of the hardest blows he had ever taken in his life, and gagged with a nearby napkin. The cops had arrived before the mob of angry partygoers could let him leave, and shipped him off for questioning.


           Cian O’Brien sat and pondered. As he felt a familiar presence behind him, his heart pounded, and his veins popped all over his face.

    “You’ve endangered me. Do you have any idea what you cost me?”, he said softly.

  “Indulge me.”, Lucy said, an oily smirk on her face.

        “I have a wealthy senator for an enemy, kidnapping charges on my record, thousands lost in bribes to the jury, and the cops on my tail!” Cian shouted, little flecks of saliva flying in Lucy’s face. “Could you explain why you did this to me?”

      “What made you think I cared that you were happy?” Lucy responded, her demeanor unchanged “I thought that someone who held onto the biggest criminal network in Manhattan would be a little less naïve.”

    “Well you see here-!”

         “I don’t want another word out of you!”

       Cian silenced himself immediately.

            “Now, I want the senator who hates you so much dead. Do you understand?”

      Cian tried to fight back with all the force he could muster. He willed himself to refuse this. He wanted not to attract so much suspicion. He wanted to say safe. He wanted his free will back. However, he was helpless as he nodded his head. He walked away against his will, hearing Lucy’s cruel laugh as he ordered his men to have the senator conveniently disappear.

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