Song Sonnet: 1

There has been a new trend online that I like. In this trend, people take songs that they like, and rewrite the lyrics as a Shakespearean sonnet. I have decided to adopt this trend as a series of my own. This first sonnet is probably an easy guess, but I guess we shall see.

O how unreal to me this seems

O how trapped in here I find I am

Although I wish I could escape this dream

Pity not, for to reality I’m damned

Forgive me my most grievous sin

For mother, a life I have to-day taken

Farewell my friends, and all my kin

Of my guilt, the law is not mistaken

Have mercy judge, let me be free

I won’t betray a second chance

No? I’ll escape, and I won’t spare thee

I shall fight and burn you and your manse

I fight no more, my hope has now abated

I care not to the gallows I am fated

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