My Miscellaneous Musings

  1. Santa Claus is a time lord. It all fits! I mean, how else could one explain the fact that he could get to all of those houses in one night, the immortality or just really long lifespan, the extra-dimensional space in the bag he could store all those presents in.
  2. If I could ask any one question and get a truthful answer, mine would be “Is your answer to this question ‘No’?”.
  3. Does anyone else wish they had the power to break into a spontaneous musical number and have everyone and everything around you go along with it?
  4. Confession: My brother once tried to make a land/air war vehicle by super-gluing a tank to the bottom of a helicopter. Don’t ask me where he got those, because I don’t know.
  5. I’ve found that the surest way to keep people away from your stuff is to lick your stuff when the people you want to repel can see you.
  6. My intelligence drops depending on how close I am to a cute feline.
  7. The Catholic Church asks for people to give the poor money, but they sure seem to blow a lot of the money they get on extravagant living for their acolytes, fancy churches and cathedrals, and snazzy hats for the Pope. Hypocrisy much?
  8. Why is it that cyclists ride bikes and bikers ride motorcycles?