Moving Sites

Welcome to my final post here on Young Fiction. I’ve enjoyed this blog, but I must depart. So, here I am, moving from one site to a more expensive site. Thank you to all of my readers, and a special shout out to my loyal followers. I hope you enjoyed this site, and that you’ll […]

A Haunting

            He tried to do everything in his power to fight against the force that lay within his hand, but he was helpless as the trigger pulled, and the bullet pierced his skull. The man wasn’t quite aware of what happened after that. He swam through a sea of semi-oblivion, not unlike sleep, scattered memories flashing […]

Song Sonnet: 1

There has been a new trend online that I like. In this trend, people take songs that they like, and rewrite the lyrics as a Shakespearean sonnet. I have decided to adopt this trend as a series of my own. This first sonnet is probably an easy guess, but I guess we shall see. O […]


Of what worth are the worthless worm’s thoughts? Of what weight the mite’s miseries? Who cares what struggles the ant has fought When he’ll be crushed by careless boots? What is a mouse to the great eagle That slays its prey without a thought? What harm is a flea to a beagle, Or a minnow […]

Cian O’Brien

    Cian O’Brien grinned at the specimen his men had gotten before him.         “Good work men, take the rest of the day off.” His men nodded quietly and left to exploit their ‘employee discounts’ at one of O’Brien’s speakeasies or bordellos. Cian then turned to the young, curvaceous, wealthy beauty they’d gotten him. One could never […]

The עין הרע

    It was a dark and stormy night. Oliver shivered as the strong wind blew through him. He watched the lightning strike the face of the sea, and heard the deafening noise of the thunder, and smelled the metallic odour of blood. The viscous, crimson liquid coated his shirt, his knife, and the fresh cadaver that […]

Carter Reviews: The Screwtape Letters

    Chances are, any given person has read interesting or thought-provoking books.   However, once in a blue moon, there comes a work that leaves those other books behind. A book that touches one’s deepest nerves, shows the world in a whole new light, alters one’s thought processes and philosophies profoundly, and, changes their entire life. Which […]