My Dark Story

I’m hacking this blog so I can tell my story and remain anonymous. This guy hasn’t posted in months, so he probably won’t notice. Before I start, let me tell you that this 100% real. I’m not going to embellish or pervert this story to make it sound better, I’m just going to tell you the truth. For the sake of these uploads, I’ll refer to myself as Sam. I’d say that it all began last week, I was playing a little Risk with the boys.

 I was good, but the friend I’ll refer to as Bob is the best strategist among us all, so he was crushing us. “Japan belongs to me now!” Bob capped this off with an “evil laugh” That made all of us groan. He may be a good strategist, but he can get annoying at times.

 My alarm went off. It was a house rule that the game ended and the person with the most land won when the alarm went off. “Hah, yes!”, said Bob with another laugh.

  “Fine,” I said reluctantly. I said goodbye to the boys and went up to my computer room. As soon as Mom and Dad were in bed, I got out my laptop and did some browsing. I thought I’d hack a random person’s computer and snoop around in their stuff. I found a computer with a journal in it. I was excited, I thought I would find some deep, dark secrets of this random person’s life. However, I got more than I bargained for.

  The journal started out normal, some teenage girl’s diary. She talked about the typical stuff, crushes, parents, fashion, etc. It was really boring, and I was going to stop reading when I found a strange entry.

   “November 15 2010, My parents are going through a phase. They’ve joined a little social club, and they seem to really enjoy it. My parents are always going through different phases though, they’ll probably get bored and resign soon.

  I was intrigued. A social club was always interesting. I decided I would read further to see if this was ever expanded on

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