Asperger Syndrome

Hello guys, sorry about the lack of writing content, I’m still working on the content, but I’ll have something ready by next week. In the meantime, I’d like to discuss a topic I am very passionate about. Refer to title.

Asperger Syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) that many people, myself included, possess. It is most defined by a lack of social skills/difficulty with nonverbal communication, sensory hyper/hypo sensitivity, and a focus on a certain topic. However, it is NOT a disability. For one thing, Aspies(People with Asperger’s) are often above average in intelligence, and gain extreme prowess and talent in their interest. I am also not calling aspies superior, they merely have strength in different areas than NTs(Neurotypicals).

Technically, it isn’t an official disorder anymore, just a form of High-functioning autism, but in my book, and many others’ it still is its own thing.

At the bottom there’s a link if you want to learn more. I’ll occasionally be posting about Asperger Syndrome again. If you guys have questions about it, ask.

Till then,

Carter Jackson


3 thoughts on “Asperger Syndrome

  1. Hello Charles, thank you for the complement. I feel that Asperger Syndrome is a difference. I don’t believe that it makes one with it inferior or superior, merely different. I myself am aspie and proud.


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