Stranger Things Season Two Analysis Part 2

Hello guys, this is Carter Jackson, and welcome back to Youngfiction. In this post I’ll be analyzing the trailer, and making my own predictions about what it has in store. If you haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to look below. Obviously, as I’ll be referring to Season One, a spoiler alert is in order. Also, I’ll be analyzing the text of the trailer independently, so wait till the end for that.

The first part shows two siblings grabbing an Eggo, a brief shot of what looks like a sign(I’ll be coming back to that), and then a few frames of syrup-pours-on-Eggos-closeup. I, along with my friend who I will hereby refer to as E, both agree that this, given the supposed background of the Eggo lover 011, isn’t relevant and just is there to get your attention. However, the sign kept nagging me, so I spent a lot of frustration trying to pause the trailer on the sign, and I finally did it. It says, “Area” before it cuts off. I don’t know what it means, but judging by the symbols beneath it, there are two other characters, and the first that comes to mind is “Area 51” which is also notably a place many conspiracy theorists believe to be a place with shady government experiments going on. Also, the static as it cuts between shots tells me that some entity like the demogorgon, (Possibly the “Pollywog”, or the big thing later in the trailer.) is going to appear.

In the second part, it cuts to black, not unlike the black 011-remote-viewing-expanse, and then plays the sound of Mike shouting “Eleven!”, and showing a brief shot of 011 opening her eyes with a nosebleed(Like she gets when she uses her powers). I thought this was an indication of the already pretty obvious fact that 011 was alive (Don’t take it personally Duffers. I grew up watching Disney, I’m hard to convince that a character is dead.). However, another friend, who I will refer to as G, pointed out that 011’s face is upside down, and that this most likely means that she is still alive in the upsidedown.

In the third part, it shows three of the boys on their bikes, in what looks like Ghostbusters costumes, riding their bikes along the road, and the a shot of Hopper hanging onto something as what looks like a window breaks behind him, and something sucks things out. I don’t know who the three are, but judging by my gut, some approximations on their builds that I can make from obsessively re-watching Stranger Things, and the shot of the boys in the third part, that they are Dustin, Mike, and Lukas. Will is absent, possibly due to his health from the Pollywog worsening. Also, the costumes support my theory of the series taking place near Halloween. I think that the footage of Hopper is from the “Storm” mentioned in the teaser.

In the fourth part, it shows a shot of the three boys walking into a building (presumably Hawkins Middle) and Dustin looking behind them, possibly seeing something behind them. Then we are given a brief shot of Hopper jamming down a shovel, either digging, or cutting something’s head off(maybe the pollywog). I don’t have much to offer here.

In the fourth part, it shows a shot of someone in one of the white government suits holding what looks like a flamethrower? Then a shot of what looks like some men in suits looking at a bunch of screens, possibly indicating that they’re keeping tabs on the cast. What really got me though, was when I looked at the screens, showing what looks like Will in a chair. G theorized that this may be Will in a hospital due to the Pollywog’s effects, further explaining Will’s previous absence. My theory on the flamethrower is that the government knows there’s something living in Will, and intend to kill it, and indirectly, Will.

In the last part, it shows what looks like a tormented Will, a shot of some creepy drawings of a mysterious creature, which I recognize from seeing Will’s drawings, are Will’s, and a shot of Will looking out of the door of their house, with a red flash of lightning (“Storm” anyone?) illuminating a figure similar to that in the drawings. I believe that the big figure is something from the upsidedown, I mean, there can’t possibly be just one living creature there, and the “Pollywog” in Will has some connection to it.

That concludes it, if you have any other theories, leave them in the comments.

Till then,



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