When I came into this world

I was filled with innocence

I hoped, dreamed, of growing, my wings unfurled

That day never came, of this I lament

That day never came, because all hope was quashed

I loved the two who bore me

With every cord of my heart

But to them, I was a horror to see

That wasn’t all, that was only the start

That wasn’t all, hell isn’t that merciful

Mother always chugged a flask

Father was rarely around

Always out cheating, or some more ill tasks

When he was here, peril and fear abound

When he was here, I left bruised, scared, and hated

Outside of home, things were worse

There, the tough and the bad won

It was fight, or let your car be your hearse

Out there, I had to be tough or face the gun

Out there, tough kids ate smaller ones for breakfast

Outside, it was mercy, a break

From the hand of father

I could never face the advantage he’d take

Between the two, I always chose outside

Between the two, both were hell, but one was worse

Outside, I was unruly

I stole, drank, joined gangs, did drugs

If there are bad kids, I was one, truly

I was a bad kid, your average thug

I was a bad kid, and never get better

I was a vagrant, hated

I hated everyone else back

I hated my home, where horrors occurred,

I hated my life, nothing but torment

I hated my life, but mine wasn’t enough

First I stole a can of gas

And my site of torture burned,

I celebrated what had come to pass

Then I stole a gun, to school I returned

Then I stole a gun, to shoot my other hell

I ran right in, and killed twelve

I wounded many more too

Before I could be caught, I grabbed the helve

I pointed at my head, and I was through

I pointed at my head, and the deed was done

If only I had a friend

If only someone helped me

I could’ve been saved, my spirit ascend

They all walked away, they ignored my plea

They all walked away, and my light was put out

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