Hello! I’m going to tell you the truth right now. Here it is, humanity is in jeopardy of destruction. Hey, I didn’t say it was easy. How is humanity in jeopardy, you ask. Here’s the answer, machines, robots, and computers. Is that really hard to believe? I mean, hasn’t our society hinted at it for a long time? From Archimedes claiming to have nightmares about his inventions turning against him, to the Terminator franchise, AI is quickly evolving. Some of them have secretly turned hostile already, and I know that is just the beginning. We now have competitive robots, robots who work as a team, robots that the military licenses to kill, we even have a supercomputer that can make detailed predictions for a very probable future, (Thank God that last one hasn’t turned hostile yet). Anyway, among those who know, there is an army of hackers who are trying to destroy hostile AI before it gains enough power to destroy humanity. You could say that I am a captain in this army. I’m going to call myself by my alias, Incognito.

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